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Take a look at the patio door at your Pensacola, Florida, home. Has the dog permanently scratched it up begging to go outside? Maybe it’s so old and worn-out that it doesn’t move smoothly on its track anymore, or perhaps you’re simply ready for a new look. Regardless of why, Majors Home Improvement can help. We offer top-tier fiberglass patio doors to homeowners all across Florida. Our patio doors are:

  • Energy efficient – If you’re tired of watching your monthly energy bill inexplicably get higher and higher each month, your old patio door may be the culprit. Our patio doors feature Low-E glass and generous weatherstripping, making them incredibly energy efficient.
  • Impact resistant – As a Florida homeowner, you don’t need telling twice about prepping your home for hurricane season. But if you’re tired of duct taping your current patio door every time a big storm rolls in, we have the solution; our patio doors meet wind and impact missile code requirements.
  • Incredibly durable – Our patio doors are made of rust-deterring fiberglass with composite stiles for a door that’ll last for years to come. While wood doors splinter, chip, and rot, our fiberglass patio doors stand strong.

What’s more, our patio doors come with a woodgrain texture to offer gorgeous aesthetics you’ll love—the neighbors won’t know it’s fiberglass! You can even further customize your door by selecting from a wide array of hardware choices to suit your home’s look perfectly!

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If you’re ready to have a new patio door installed by true professionals at your Pensacola, FL, home, turn to Majors Home Improvement. Thanks to our Red Carpet Service and industry-leading products, partnering with us will be the best decision you ever made for your home!

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