United Way narrowed the applicants to three families who were posted on Facebook for the community to vote.  The community outreach was tremendous, over 450 people voted and chose Carolyn Butler and Debbie Lewis of Milton.  This mother-daughter teacher duo have been teaching children in Santa Rosa County their entire lives.  We are excited to provide many home improvement items from windows & shutters, doors, vinyl siding, roof repair and insulation which will provide this deserving family a safer and more efficient home.

2014 Self-Sacrificing Family Progress

March 3 SR Press Gazette announces the program inviting the community to submit families with Apr 30 deadline.

May 6    Studio 10 at Fox 10 TV News Interviewed Majors & United Way

May 15  Voting closes

May 20  The Self-Sacrificing Family, Carolyn Butler and Debbie Lewis of Milton are selected

Jun  26  Community landscaping cleanup at Debbie Lewis and Carolyn Butler’s home to prep home for new products

Jul 26     Installation of Home Improvement products

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