Majors Helps

Past Partnerships:

Majors Home Improvement, in partnership with United Way of Santa Rosa County, has helped to update homes with new exterior projects. 

Majors has also partnered with the Santa Rosa Kids’ House and has donated lead-free windows for community members to paint for an annual auction. 


Community Recipients:

2016 Majors Helps Community Recipient: Pamela Goodyear

2015 Majors Helps Community Recipient:  Dawn Stone

2014 Majors Helps Community Recipient:  Carolyn Butler & Debbie Lewis


“Majors HI did a fabulous job and their pricing was excellent. I will definitely use this company again.”

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“Majors just transformed our screened porch. They installed windows and a full view door that look absolutely beautiful. Great service, great crew. Could not be happier.”

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