Designing Timeless Custom Closet Systems in Gulf Shores, AL

A beautifully organized custom Closet

Design trends come and go, but there are some choices that can make your custom closet systems in your Gulf Shores, Alabama, home feel timeless. Others may leave your new closet feeling old and outdated in just a few short years. Majors Home Improvement can help you make the best choices for your new custom closet systems.

The Best Choices for Timeless Custom Closet Systems

First, choose a neutral color palette for your custom closet systems. White, cream, light gray, and light beige are all neutral color schemes that won’t look tired a few years down the road. Plus, they let your clothes pop so you can find what you’re looking for more easily than if your closet was done in a bold red, bright teal, or sunny yellow. You can also choose wood tones that have the same effect as neutral colors.

Next, decide on a classic design. While wall-hung custom closet systems allow for easier cleaning, they have a more modern look, which could look dated before long. They also can’t hold as much weight. A floor-mounted custom closet system looks like it was built there to begin with.

Now consider the amount of clothes, shoes, bags, belts, ties, and accessories you own, and how much space they’re going to take up. Do you have long coats or dresses that need  full-height hanging bars? Or can you get away with two half-height bars in that space? How many shoe shelves do you need? What do you want to store in cabinets as opposed to drawers or on shelves?

While you’re working with one of our designers on your perfect custom closet system, don’t forget we can use the same design concepts to build custom garages, too. These systems will have room for your sports gear, storage for paints and solvents, space for your lawn implements, and a parking spot for your car.

Why You Should Work With Majors Home Improvement for Your Custom Closet Systems

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