Installing High-Performing Insulated Siding for Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Homeowners

Your home’s siding can do more than just make it look nice from the curb. If it’s properly insulated and manufactured, house siding can be an effective tool for improving your home’s energy efficiency (and making it a little quieter inside, thanks to its noise-dampening ability). Homeowners in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, who are looking for insulated siding that’s built for decades of thermal transfer control, protection, and good looks can count on Majors Home Improvement for a product that ticks all of the boxes.

How Does Insulated Siding Work?

The main thing to know about certain energy-efficient products, such as siding and windows, is that they’re designed to limit a weather effect called thermal transfer. This simply refers to warm air’s natural tendency to move into cooler spaces to try and equalize the temperature in a given area. In other words, warm air outside your home will try to move inside during hot days, while warm air inside your home will try to escape it and go outside however it can. Without insulation, even the exterior walls of your home aren’t able to curb thermal transfer—and that’s where insulated siding comes in.

About Our Insulated Siding

The insulated vinyl siding we install features polystyrene foam backing to keep the seams from widening over time—which, in other types of siding, can create gaps that lessen the energy efficiency of the product by giving warm air an easier path to and from your home. It’s also engineered to perform extremely well in the climate of our Gulf Coast region:

  • It can resist scratches and dents from impact damage that would affect other kinds of insulated siding, and it also has some wind resistance.
  • Its UV stable acrylic polymers will keep your siding’s color looking fresh and vibrant for years to come.
  • Its surface won’t peel, chip, crack, or fade.

You’ll be able to choose from a large selection of colors and textures to achieve your desired look, and you’ll also be happy to know that your new insulated siding will need virtually no maintenance.

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