Why Fiberglass Residential Doors Are Preferred over Wood for Homes in the Milton, FL, Area

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New residential doors can provide a massive improvement to the curb appeal of homes in the Milton, Florida, area. Since an entry door is the focal point of the exterior of a residence, installing a new one can truly make an impact for the entire aesthetic of your home. The question you may be wondering about, though, is whether to opt for a wood entry door or a fiberglass one. Both options can provide a beautiful look, but there are many reasons why more and more homeowners are selecting fiberglass residential doors over wood doors.

One of the main reasons is the upkeep required of a wood door. With a wood door, homeowners have to worry about the wood bubbling, peeling, warping, or fading. This means that maintaining the door is a constant headache, and repainting or varnishing it is a regular task on their to-do list. Another problem is that wood doors are more susceptible to damage from dents, scratches, and more. Furthermore, most wood doors simply don’t have the energy-efficient capabilities of fiberglass doors, which may result in higher-than-average energy bills.

Majors Home Improvement installs fiberglass residential doors for homeowners in Milton, FL, and surrounding cities. Our doors have gorgeous wood-grain textures, such as oak and mahogany, but feature a polyurethane core, which means you’ll get the beautiful aesthetic of a wood door without all of the upkeep and disadvantages. Our residential doors are characterized with deeply embossed panels, are ready to paint or stain, and are available in a wide selection of doorlites and hardware. Even better, they meet missile-impact and wind code requirements.

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