All Was Calm, All Was Bright

Dec 04, 2017
exterior doorWhen that first chill hits us Floridians, it hits a deep shudder to our hearts. Hands and feet keep a perpetual cold that seems to strike straight to the bone. Along the Gulfcoast, our minds recall our hot summer nights and long sunshine-lit days long foregone. Then, we feel the chill making its way around the base of the windows or along the frames of the doors. Air leaks around windows and doors is the most common form of heat loss. In fact, “a 1/8-inch gap under a 36-inch-wide exterior door may seem insignificant, but it will let as much cold air into your home as a 2.4-inch-diameter hole punched in the wall,” (Washington Post, n.d.).
It’s time to consider an energy upgrade. Energy-efficient vinyl windows can save up to an additional $540 annually to heat and cool your home.* Not only will you benefit from a warmer home in winter and cooler home in summer, replacement windows are virtually maintenance free and provide additional sound barrier to outside noises. Replacing your door with fiberglass doors will deliver the latest in energy technology and give you peace of mind with a secure entry to your home.
Replacing your windows and doors can be a sound investment in improving your home’s overall energy efficiency. May all be calm and all be bright as you consider these home improvement projects. For over 20 years, Majors Home Improvement has specialized in replacement window and door projects.
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* Calculated for a power bill of $150 per month.
Washington Post, (n.d.). Escape Routes: Where Heat is Fleeing Your House? Retrieved from