WEAR TV-3: Angels In Our Midst – Majors Home Improvement

May 24, 2008

The 10-thousand dollar grant that W-E-A-R received from A-B-C’s Big Give was immediately matched by majors home improvement.

Their employees and business associates grew the project even more with in-kind services.

But, the community also stepped in to multiply the good of the Angels In Our Midst.

Michael Beasley called right after the first big give story aired. He’s a small business owner of an internet technology company, COMP-U-CARE U-S-A. He installs and repairs computers for homes and offices and keeps the systems running smoothly. He offered his time and expertise…

Michael Beasley, Comp U Care USA; I’m just glad that we were able to help them out. Their computer system did need a lot of work. So, we’re able to give them ten hours a month for the next year at least to get them going.

Michael’s also trying to help them get computers donated to be used for the children’s therapy.

Darren Dowler, Majors Home Improvement; It spreads. It just spreads and to have people coming in that we didn’t even know, like the I-T guy.

He just stepped forward and gave some time. I thought that was great.

The owner and designer for Webs Infinity also stepped forward. They went to Arc Gateway’s website for information. Creative types that they are, they were eager to do a makeover.

Karen Douglas, Webs Infinity; I had no idea and I keep saying that, but I had no idea everything that goes on here.

I’m hoping to show people everything that goes on here; everything that ARC does for the children and the adults.

Rose Sanford, Webs Infinity; A lot of people just don’t know how much goes into what they do for these children. And I think if we can get that out there, they’d get a lot more support.

Blink M-D, Incorporated came in and did a free technology assessment for the center…And a lot is still needed to bring them the technological advances that can help the children.

An anonymous donor found a wish list on the website and donated a computer, printer, two portable d-v-d players and a digital camera….to be used in therapy.

After seeing the progress one U-C-P client made with a new adaptive computer, Pensacola Junior College is donating another talking monitor to the agency.

Darren; I’ve really seen a lot of things that I don’t normally see and to me there’s a lot of people need some help out here. And every little bit helps.

The Big Give has been an eye opening experience. What some people saw, moved them to help.

Michael; I was blessed with a lot of people helping me as I was coming along. So, this is definitely a way to help out others.

Darren; When I go home, first of all, I count my blessings.


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