Why You Should Choose a Vinyl Window Over a Wood Window for Your Home in Pensacola, FL

Vinyl Window Pensacola FL

Are you trying to decide whether to have wood or vinyl window products installed at your home in Pensacola, Florida? In terms of value, ease of maintenance, and longevity, the choice is clear – vinyl wins. This material is an outstanding choice, and you can count on decades of performance from vinyl windows.

What are some of the reasons why vinyl window products are the better choice over wood window products? First, vinyl is low maintenance and provides a resistance to rotting, corrosion, peeling, pitting, and more. This means you won’t have to worry about re-painting it or even constantly washing it – it will retain its beauty for decades. Second, vinyl windows are incredibly energy efficient. Their insulating glass restricts heat transfer and may reduce the need for you to run your HVAC unit as hard to regulate your home’s temperature. Third, vinyl windows are the more affordable option, providing years of longevity at a satisfactory price.

Since 1997, Majors Home Improvement has been serving the needs of homeowners throughout Pensacola, FL, with expert vinyl window installations. We install our own line of windows, called Majors Select™ Vinyl Windows, that offer superior craftsmanship and a solid vinyl construction that is warranted against rotting, rusting, cracking, warping, pitting, corroding, peeling, blistering, and color failure. They are also energy efficient, featuring multiple chambers and insulated glass.

When you need a vinyl window installation in the Pensacola, FL, area, there’s no better name to remember than Majors Home Improvement. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

“I am truly satisfied with the Major's team and my new windows a big difference in appearance and comfort to my home. Thank you.”

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