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Replacement contractors say Internet lead providers need to do a better job qualifying what they sell. By Jim Cory Jonathan Wells, marketing manager for Majors Home Improvement, in Milton, Fla., thought he’d struck gold earlier this year after inking a $50,000 patio cover deal from …

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How to analyze windows when buying a home

Simonton Windows Displaced survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have scrambled to purchase new homes in Baton Rouge, Houston, Atlanta and other markets in the wake of the devastating storm. While many have a “must buy now” attitude, building industry experts advise people to slow …

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Majors Home Improvement: Quality along the Coast

Gulf Breeze – In 1997, Majors Home Improvement, Inc. began serving the Gulf Coast Community by offering quality exterior home improvement remodeling with an affordable price. Since then, we have increased our service by adding Kitchen Remodeling and Interior Doors. The exterior of this house …

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